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History of The Patna University (1917-1967)

       All the members of the first Senate of the Patna University were no­minated by the Chancellor. Prominent public men of the Province like Babu Rajendra Prasad, Sir Ali Imam, Syed Hasan Imam, Sachchidananda Sinha, Justice Jwala Prasad, Rai Bahadur Dwarka Nath, Rai Bahadur Purnendu Narayan Sinha, Khan Bahadur Syed Mohammed Fakhr-ud-din, and scholars like Oldham, Ramavatar Sharma, Rai Bahadur Jogesh Chandra Ray, R. P. Khoshla, D. N. Sen. Sarat Chandra Ray and Jogindranath Samaddar adorned the first Senate of the Patna University and framed its original regulations. The first elections to the Senate took place in September and October 1919. Amongst those who were elected by the Registered Graduates were Rai Bahadur Dwarka Nath, Rai Bahadur Purnendu Narayan Sinha, Khan Bahadur Moha­mmed Fakhr-ud-din, Babu Rajendra Prasad, Abul Barkat, Khan Bahadur Mohammed Habibullah, Babu Brajkishore Prasad, Kumar Shantisekhareswar Rai, Babu Ram Prasad, Babu Kulwant Sahay and Babu Phuldeo Sahay Verma. The following were elected by special constituencies as follows:

Indian Mining Federation       Rai A. C. Banerjee Bahadur
Bihar Planters' Association     The Hon’ble Mr. J. V. Jameson
Registered Graduates School Teachers Babu Shree Ranga Bihari Lal, Babu Shyama Charan Gupta and Babu Bamacharan Sen
The Bihar and Orissa Sanskrit            Mahamahopadhyaya Sadasiva Mishra Association
The Indian Mining Association          The Hon’ble Mr. J. H. Pattinson.
Bihar Land Holders' Association        Kumar Madhaveshwarendra Sahi
Bengali Settlers’ Association  Babu Sarada Prasad Sen, Bar-at-Law
Bihar Provincial Muslim League         Shah Muhammed Yahiya.

The total strength of the Senate which was constituted in 1919 was 15 ex-officio members and 75 ordinary fellows.
The Syndicate as constituted in October and November 1919 consisted of four ex-officio members and fourteen ordinary members. The following were elected by the Faculty of Arts:
R. P. Khosla, D. N. Sen, E. A. Horne, Jyotish Chandra Banerjee and Jadunath Sarkar.  

The Faculty of Science elected Ashutosh Chatterjee and the Rev. J. C. Forrester. The Faculty of Education returned J. S. Thicket and the Law Faculty Hon’ble Mr. Justice Jwala Prasad and Khan Bahadur 'Syed Muhammed

Fakhr-ud-din. The Senate returned the Hon'ble Mr. S. Macphreson, the Hon'ble Rai Bahadur Dwarka Nath, the Hon'ble Gopabandhu Das and Babu Rajendra Prasad. Thus the first elected Syndicate of the Patna University was a most distinguished body.
In May 1919 the University appointed the following as Readers: K. P. Jayaswal, Reader in Indian Archaeology; Rai Bahadur Sarat Chandra Ray, Reader in Ethnology, Jadunath Sarkar, Reader in the Mughal Period of Indian History. Dr. K. S. Caldwell was appointed Reader in Chemistry but as he resigned in December 1919, Sir P.C. Ray was appointed in his place. In June 1919 a few distinguished scholars were appointed as University Lec­turers. Amongst them the names of H. R. Batheja, Lecturer in History, Ashutosh Chatterjee, Lecturer in Mathematics and Ashutosh Mukherjee, Lecturer in Physics are worth mentioning. In January 1920, Jagannath Prasad and Amreshwar Thakur were appointed Lecturers in Sanskrit. The Readers as well as the Lecturers were expected simply to deliver a course of lectures; they were not permanent officers of the University.
The Patna University held its first examinations in 1918. The number of candidates appearing at and passing the different examinations in that year is given below:
Examinations            Number appeared         Number passed
Matriculation                            3679                                   1696
I.A.                                             830                                     421
I. Sc.                                           156                                     109
B.A.                                            462                                     195
B.Sc.                                             34                                       22
M.A.                                             10                                          6
B.Ed.                                            12                                       11
Final Law Examination                74                                       44
Only 148 examiners were appointed for all these examinations including Preliminary Law and Intermediate Law, and Licentiate in Teaching examina­tions. Some persons acted as examiners at many examinations. The highest remuneration was drawn by Professor Jyotish Chandra Banerjee amounting to Rs. 1,720/-. Next came Mr. N. N. Raye with Rs. 1,371. Fortunately for us the following amongst the first body of examiners are still alive:

Acharya Badrinath Varma (B. N. College) , Mr. Syed Moinul Haque (B. N. College) Mr. Ashutosh Chatterjee (Patna College), Mr. Bireshwar Chatterjee (G. B. B. College), Mr. Pramatha Nath Das Gupta (Patna College), Mr Satyendra Kumar Dutta (T. N. J. College), Mr. Jogendra Nath Ghosh (Patna College), Mr. K. P. Mitra (D. J. College). ............................


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