Shri Lalji Tandon
Prof. (Dr) Rash Bihari Pd Singh
              (Vice Chancellor)
           Prof. (Dr) Dolly Sinha
             (Pro-Vice Chancellor)
Col. Manoj Mishra
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Department of Biochemistry

The spectacular and stunning progress of science and technology in the 20th century has left indelible imprint on the socio-economic scenario of the whole world. Bio-Sciences have helped to dissect the innermost secrets of cell and develop new ways for an early and correct diagnosis of diseases. At molecular level there is a need to understand the information in the DNA, to discover how portions of genetic aterial are turned “on & off’ and to learn how the structure of protein determines its function. At macro level scientists are working to study the interaction of different chemicals cells to build different organisms and have learnt how the subtle differences in the instructions issued by DNA are able to create a vast array of life forms on this earth. This unique synergy of biological sciences with chemistry has emerged as an important discipline of science called “Bio-Chemistry.” The recent advancements with the advent of computers, improved accuracy in legend screening, combinatorial chemistry designs, three dimensional structural information and genome sequence database have added new dimensions to this field. The Patna University started M.Sc. course in Biochemistry in 2001. The Department of Biochemistry is well equipped with strong infrastructural base and has efficacious expertise for training and teaching this course. Acquisition of essential scruples of his knowledge with intensive skill based course will pave ways for job avenues in many areas related to Medicines, Agriculture, Environment, Bio-energy, Bio-informatics and Bio-tech industries. The department has an efficient set of teacher’s/resource persons drawn from various institutions/ departments to impart teachings in specialized topics. In order to facilitate smooth running of the department, there is a coordinator who is responsible for managing and coordinating various activities of the department. The administrative set up of the department will function under the supervision of the Head of the department. This Postgraduate department of Biochemistry is running on the second floor of Biology Block II, located on Science College Campus. It has separate class rooms for different semesters along with well-equipped laboratories having all necessary equipment/instruments to conduct experiments based on course materials & Research leading to Ph.D. degree. It has its own rich library consisting of the latest publication of standard text books in sufficient number related to each & every topic of the course. First Head — Prof A. R. S. Sinha Present Head — Dr Vivekanand Mishra.